A newly established business unit, its mission is to optimize utilization of the massive equipment pool we have within Songa Offshore.  Additionally, the new business unit will serve to remove some of the administrative and logistical workload from our rigs and other business units, allowing them to better focus on their core activities. 


The rental business unit will accomplish these goals by servicing the Songa Offshore fleet and making its excess equipment accessible to oil companies and other drilling contractors.  Songa Offshore will continue to increase its inventory as the 4 newbuild Cat-D's enter operations.  As Songa Offshore builds one of the largest floater fleets in Norway, with a total of 7 semisubmersibles eventually in operation, it will have further capacity to support the external market. 


Please email to inquire about product offerings that include tubulars, handling equipment, and spares. 


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