• Company founded and listed on the Norwegian OTC list

  • Songa Venus and Songa Mercur acquired from IPC

  • Songa Saturn acquired from GlobalSantaFe

  • Listed on Oslo Børs in January

  • Songa Dee acquired from Stena

  • Songa Venus and Songa Mercur underwent major refitting and upgrading in Singapore

  • ​Songa Trym acquired from Odfjell Drilling

  • Songa Delta acquired from Odfjell Drilling

  • New corporate headquarters established in Limassol, Cyprus

  • Converted to Societas Europaea, Songa Offshore SE

  • ​Songa Offshore SE redomiciled to Cyprus

  • USD 50 million investment in Deepwater Driller Ltd, the owner of UDW rig Songa Eclipse, giving Songa Offshore a 31.25% stake

  • Songa Saturn sold

  • Increased ownership in Songa Eclipse to 100%

  • Awarded 18 months contract plus 1 firm well for Songa Eclipse with Total E&P in Angola following delivery from Jurong in August

  • Awarded contracts for the two initial Cat D rigs with Statoil on 8 year tenors, to be constructed at DSME in South Korea

  • Awarded contracts for two additional Cat D rigs with Statoil on 8 year tenors, to be constructed at DSME in South Korea

  • Extensive upgrades on Songa Dee, Songa Delta and Songa Trym

  • Songa Eclipse sold

  • New management team and strengthening of the Board of Directors

  • Comprehensive refinancing to facilitate successful delivery of the Company's Cat D rigs as well as to create a solid and sustainable long term financial platform for the Company

  • ​Sale of Songa Mercur and Songa Venus and establishment of strategic Joint Venture for international operations with Opus Offshore

  • Delivery of Songa Equinox, Songa Endurance and Songa Encourage from DSME

  • Songa Equinox and Songa Endurance commenced drilling operations on 7 December 2015 and 31 December 2015 respectively under their long term drilling contract with Statoil at the Troll Field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

  • Songa Trym received a notice of cancellation of its drilling contract with Statoil effective from 17 November 2015

  • Delivery of Songa Enabler from DSME on 31 March 2016

  • Songa Encourage commenced drilling operations on 11 April 2016

  • Songa Enabler commenced drilling operations on 29 July 2016

  • Comprehensive Refinancing

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